Monday, April 13, 2009

Friday - I am Your Chauffeur

Friday was one of those days when I spent more time in the car than out of the car. I really need to get some books on CD. The kids were off from school and everyone had a lot of plans.

Made coffee cake with Calvin.
Had an interview for an hour with prospective daycare family with four kids.
Drove three kids to Susan's for a play date.
Drove to Target with one kid for birthday gifts.
Returned to Susan's, wrapped gift, picked up two kids.
Drove three kids to movie theater, right next to Target, dropped off one kid for birthday party (they saw the Hanna Montana movie. I might have been slightly jealous.)
Drove to Kelly's house with two kids. Watched four kids and a big dog for a couple of hours.
Drove four kids back to movie theater to pick up one kid.
Drove to grocery store with five kids for produce and free cookies.
Drove home with five kids, played outside.
Had mini birthday party with five kids. Gave three kids back to their parents.
Drove two kids back to Susan's to retrieve one kid.
Collapsed on Susan's couch for an hour.
Drove three kids home.

Do you ever have days like these?

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