Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happiness Is . . .

Yard Sale Season!!!! On Thursday morning I went to my first yard sale of the season. It's the cheapest therapy around - I spent the rest of the day smiling.

Here is a shot of my loot - a total of $4.50 (I'm smiling again). The vintage bottles and sifter are for a good friend who just had a baby - she loves old stuff. The wire basket now holds my collection of trims in the craft room.

This is a little vintage seek and find game with 30 little items hidden among the beads. The list of items is on one of the ends and for $0.75 it managed to keep the kiddos enthralled for several hours Thursday evening. They still have about 8 items that no one had found yet.

This great little wooden box already had the hanging materials on the back. It was a steal for $1.00 and is now hanging on my wall in the craft room holding favorite stamps and stickles.

I love a good yard sale - do you?


  1. Great finds! Wish we had better yard sales out here.

  2. I actually was yearning for a good Eagan garage sale on Thursday. I was thinking about you and all the good deals to be soon had. There are no garage sales that compare to Eagan's. I don't know what to do on my Thurs. mornings anymore. I'm happy for you though!

  3. i must say that i haven't gone to a yard sale for years. but some of my favorite things in my house, i have gotten at yard sales. i really should try them out more often.