Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chipper Chicks

We pulled out the crafting supplies yesterday to whip up some Easter chicks. They are very simple to make and involve hand tracing. I'm a sucker for crafts that involve hand tracing.

First, cut out an oval from a piece of colored paper.

On another sheet of the same color, trace both of your hands and cut them out.

Glue on some googly eyes and a triangle for a beak. Attached the hands with two large brads.

When finished, your chick will look like this.

I added some hair.

Calvin decided to add another hand. His is a rooster.

The girls just kept on crafting and added legs, crowns, earrings, skirts and necklaces. Sophie wanted me to point out that the big yellow smiles are actually the necklaces. Theirs are obviously princess chicks.


  1. of course, they're necklaces. funny thing happened. rachael case's mother-in-law found my blog through yours and i guess she's in the same ward as on of my good friend's mom - she read a post on my blog about the mom's B&B in new hampshire. hope that didn't totally confuse you, but still small world. i haven't gone blog jumping for a while. i should try it sometime soon and see if i find more connections.

  2. I love blog jumping! The problem is, I completely lose track of time and find hours have past and I should be in bed!