Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Support Your Team

Sunday was a good day. I stayed home with the children, wore my flannel pajamas, listened to conference on the computer and made these:

Yes, those are Twilight scrabble tile necklaces and yes, you can wear Team Edward, Team Jacob or even Team Carlisle or Team James. No Jasper because he did not look this cute in the actual film. See my review for details. I made a bunch of these last week and they have proven to be quite popular!

By the way, have you seen the photos of Paul from New Moon? Holy abs! I am actually really glad that they re-cast the wolves and love the look of the new pack.

By the way, I watched the DVD of Twilight with . . . Sophie. She thought it was a bit scary in parts and afterwards said she could never fall in love with a vampire because *eye roll* "they're not real, mom".

I also made more domino necklaces with different types of glazes .

I still have not managed to start up an Etsy shop but I hope to get to it soon-ish. I also made a slew of hair clips and plan on setting up a table at a community garage sale in a couple of weeks to see how things sell. The scrabble tiles necklaces with chain are $6.00 and the dominoes with chain are $8.00.

If you are local, do you have any experience selling at local crafts fairs?

Here are the clips I finished on Sunday as well. I kind of wish we had conference once a month.

This is what they look like on a 5 year-old head. These are $8.00 each.


  1. I NEED to buy a Team Edward for my co-worker. She tells me daily updates for the next movie etc and buys anything and everything Twilight related! Put me down. : )

  2. Hey Cathy! I have given several as gifts to girlfriends who are extreme Twi-hards! I'll bring the selection to book club on Tuesday if that works for you!