Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Day #17

1. I am grateful for packages in the mail.  Grandma and Grandma Erickson sent a gift card for Calvin (for his birthday) and his brother and sister are trying to negotiate with him on how he should spend his money at Target (I see new Wii games in his future).  Calvin is HUGELY excited.

2. I am grateful for Sunday dresses in the same package.  Sophie wore her new red velvet dress on Sunday with Christmas tights and looked adorable.   I am grateful for Grandparents that are a big part of my children's lives.  They are very lucky little kids.

3. I am grateful for an adult evening out!  A play and a very nice dinner with good company made for a wonderful evening.

4. I am grateful for the weekend.  We have lots of fun plans with friends and family.

5. I am grateful for the rain - instead of snow.  We are all adjusting to wearing raincoats and waterproof shoes at all times!

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