Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful Day #12

1. I am thankful for Sundays.  I love Sundays.  We always sleep in and have a lovely morning until we frantically rush out the door to try to get to 12:00 choir on-time.  Today I prepared a RS lesson but did not have to teach - one more week to prepare!

2. I am grateful for the Bishop's wife who said she could get me five cups of chicken feathers for Max's science fair project and for another kind lady in the ward who has promised me 5 chunks of beeswax from her hives - again for the science fair project.  We have a very nice ward.

3. I am grateful for a little boy who took a dose of cough suppressant and fell asleep tonight without a single cough.  He is snoring away peacefully in my bed right now.  This is a much better scenario than last night when he was coughing continually until past midnight unable to fall asleep and looking at me with those big, sad watery eyes.  He is such a pathetic little boy when he does not feel well.  It melts my heart.

4. I am grateful for easy dinners of scrambled eggs and sausage with whole wheat toast and kiwi.  We eat almost every breakfast in the car these days because of the commute up to school so a hot breakfast (for dinner) is kind of a treat.  I think my kids miss the last two years of big daycare breakfasts.

5. I am grateful for healthy, growing children.  Max has sprouted from a size 12 in June to mostly size 16 clothes today.  I had to buy him all new pants when the cooler weather hit.  Little Sophie-loo finally outgrew her size 6 and 7 jeans (she is almost 10) and several of her dresses.  We have a full box of clothes to send to her little cousin in Iowa.  I am buying her size 10 dresses so she can wear them several seasons.  She also has moved up to a size 3 shoe.  Calvin has graduated to a baggy size 6 (still a peanut as he is 7 years old) and we just gave the last of his size 5 clothes and all of his socks to his cousin Soren.  It is possible that Soren (who is 4) will be the same size as Calvin in a matter of moths - not very convenient for hand-me-downs.  FYI, if you are looking for cute boys socks (stripes and bright colors), the best ones are at H&M.  I love their socks for boys. 

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