Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Day #15

1. BED.  I wish I spend more time there.  It is almost midnight and I just sent Max to bed after wrapping up his homework.  His program is TOUGH this year.  Tough but very, very good.

2. I am grateful for safe travel for Amber, Phoebe and Ross who all arrived in Portland late tonight.

3. I am grateful for free lunches provided during "lunch an learns."  I know more than I ever thought I would about dental implants these days.

4. I am grateful for Koo for picking up the kids from school today and grabbing dinner for all of us.  I worked late tonight, getting out about 6:00 and it is such a blessing to know that the kids are in good hands.

5. I am grateful for my health even if Portland, the last few months stress and our busy schedules have conspired to make be soft and squishy once again.  What a horrible time to try and lose weight.  A woman I work with just had a biopsy done on a lump found in her breast.  I remember going through the same procedure a few years ago and how hard it was not to know the results for a week or so. I am so grateful to be healthy and able to take care of myself and my children.

FYI: I am horrible about citing photos.  All of these Thanksgiving shots are products found for sale on

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