Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowman Craft #3

We are still making snowmen and it is still snowing outside.

Start by giving each child a piece of cardboard and have them paint it blue. I set out a tray with a lot of blue and a little white and black. Let dry.

Try to prevent the baby from looking like this.

In the meantime, cut three circles out of white paper for each child - each smaller than the last. I just used three lids and traced them. The older kids can do this by themselves.

Fold each circle in half three times and then cut out snowflakes.

Once all of the snowflakes are done, glue them on your cardboard to make the snowman.

Find some twigs if you want and glue them on as arms - I happened to have a box of sticks because I am weird that way.

Let dry and admire.

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