Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Morning

I love Christmas morning. The kids are so excited and anxious to get downstairs and see if Santa really came. This year I told them not to get up until at least 8:00 so of course Sophie was in my room at 5:30 asking me what she should do until 8:00 because she could not sleep. Calvin was up much of the night coughing in my face so it was not a very restful evening!

The kids wore their new Christmas pajamas to bed - I just bought them and washed them instead of wrapping them this year. They are more a gift to me - I love the photos with matching pajamas on Christmas morning. At our house, Santa does not wrap his gifts - there is a little pile for each child in different parts of the room. We usually wait to have breakfast until all of the presents are open though we do eat the Christmas chocolate out of the stockings while opening gifts.

This year the kids were spoiled rotten as no one received any clothes. All three children maintain ongoing wish lists on Amazon and everyone seemed to send gifts from their list this year. They were thrilled to say the last! Max was happy with a new pile of books (most of which he has now read). Sophie about cried she was so excited about her microscope and framed bugs and Calvin scored with a new collection of wii games. Happy, happy kids! We have a lot of thank-you notes to write!


  1. Maj. Jesse Carnes here. I do not know WHY you are now a single mum ... and I don't need the details, but let me say this: Christ is my Lord, my Love, and my Life ... I will be praying for you and your family. No, I am not LDS ... I am Presbyterian. But I will pray nonetheless. BTW, I am registered with Troop 478, Istrouma Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. Congrats/Kudos for Max getting his AOL. Nonetheless, I am praying for you all with all my heart, for my GOD has all-power. Is anything too hard for HIM? Never! (:

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