Monday, January 3, 2011

Back When We Were Healthy . . .

These are the last healthy photos of us during winter break. The kids had a week off from school, but I still had to work Monday through Thursday. At some point during the week, Kirstin came down with a severe cold which passed to me a day later. We had all sorts of grand plans of places to see and visit while Kirstin was in town but instead, we drank a lot of herbal tea, went through two boxes (and counting) of tissues and a box of cold medicine that had expired two years earlier. It has been rather miserable.

Our saucy plans of dinner and dancing on New Years were revised to flannel pajamas and watching season one of Lark Rise to Candleford on the computer (by the way, if you have not seen this little drama, request it immediately from Netflicks - so good!).

We did get out a couple of times during Kirstin's visit despite feeling like warmed over death. One day we met up with friends and took the kids to the zoo. Another evening, Kirstin and I met up with girlfriends for dinner at Crave and some shopping at the Mall of America. On Friday, Kirstin and I took the three kids to the amusement park for a day of free rides thanks to one of my daycare families. Mostly though, we slept, hung out in pajamas and watched movies. Many thanks to the Young Women who dropped off soup and rolls Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully, we are on the mend. Kirstin flew home to Oregon last night and I think (hope) my worst days were Saturday and Sunday. I still feel pretty nasty today, but it should be better soon . . . right?!

New Year's resolutions will have to wait until I can breath out of at least one nostril.

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