Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowman Craft #2

It is blessedly quiet right now. The baby is sleeping, six kids are at school and the rest are sledding right outside the window. Ah, peace and quiet. I should be cleaning the kitchen floor from lunch but I did that yesterday - and every day for the last 10years. The floor can wait.

I suspect I have about 20 minutes before the kids outside realize it is freezing today and start pounding on the door begging for hot chocolate.

Snowmen #2 this afternoon. Another pretty simple craft using recycled materials.

Start by giving each child a cardboard circle - or a lid - whatever. If it is cardboard, have them paint it white.

Create a face on the circle using glue. give each child some black beads to stick to the dots of glue. You could also use black beans or a marker.

Next, let each child choose two more lids - larger than your first circle. Put two blobs of glue on one and one blob of glue on the other and give the kids some buttons.

Set everything aside to dry. At this point, I found an old sweater than had shrunk in the wash and cut out scarves. Have the children cut black hats out of felt.

You should now have all of these parts. Pull out the hot glue gun (which means the baby is done crafting) and start gluing the parts together. Attach the scarf first and then just overlap the circles slightly and adhere with a lot of glue. The end.

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