Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cake Order

This is a cake I made for a friend's birthday last week. She brought me a photo of a cake ripped from a magazine and I just recreated the look for her.

The top present is a vanilla bean cake with lemon curd filling and lemon cream cheese icing - 4 layers. The bottom cake is a chocolate cake with bittersweet whipped chocolate ganache filling and a dark chocolate icing - 5 layers. The whole thing was wrapped and decorated with home-made marshmallow fondant.

Lori was nice enough to bring me a slice of the cake later this week (the cake was HUGE - and heavy). I shared my slice with Max and Calvin though I wanted to keep it all for myself. Yum! My photos are not the best as I finished the cake Sunday night which meant no natural light for these shots.


  1. Wow!! Gorgeous! You sure did a great job!!

  2. That looks so good!!!! Wish I lived closer to you!

  3. I think that's the neatest one yet. Really incredible! My anniversary is tomorrow. What can you throw together?