Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rowing the Snake

Koo and I took Max for a leisurely row down the snake river. We got struck on a sandbank only once and Koo was gracious enough to step out and push us into deeper water. You never know what wildlife you may see, but this year we got lucky (click on the photos to enlarge as I have a point and shoot).

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  1. Great pictures, Stacey. I wish we had gotten a float down the Henry's Fork in while we were there. That is the great thing about Island Park - you can't possibly do all the fun things in one week (at least not if you have kids to care for!).

    A quibble: You did not row the Snake anymore than I strummed my piano. You paddled. In a rowboat one faces the stern and rows - with oars. In a canoe one faces the bow and paddles with a paddle (like the one Koo is holding in the photo).

    Just thought you should know.