Monday, August 31, 2009

Johnson Family Photos

My sisters, Heather and Koo hired a photographer to come up one night and take photos of our family. We searched for a good looking spot, debated over coordinating - yet not too matchy matchy clothes and lamented our collective weight gain. But, here are some of my candids of the process.

My parents with their six children.

My parents with all of the grandkids.

The oldest son , Jason and his wife, Amber. They live in Manti with their three children and a bunch of chickens.

Amber with their youngest, baby Margot. Calvin loves Margot and would tell me "I just love babies that cannot talk!"

Ross and Heather. Heather is the second daughter and they live in Salt Lake with their son, Soren.

The youngest of the six children, Matt. He is working at the Olive Garden in Logan and returns to classes there this fall.

I am the second child and this is my sweet family.

My brother Scott, the second son and third child, and his girlfriend, Carmen. They both live in Helena, MT. We are dropping blatantly obvious hints that would love for them to get married next year because one: we really like Carmen and two: we want to have a family reunion in Victoria, BC!

The Johnson cousins: Max, Sophie, Soren, Phoebe with Margot, Calvin (cheesy grin present in every single photo) and Jacob.

My mom and Margot.

All six of us: Heather (4), Scott (3), Matt (6), Koo (5), Jason (1) and me (2).

Somehow I did not get a shot of Koo, but she lives in Portland Oregon.

I was blessed to be born into a wonderful family. I am so very grateful for them and as I've gotten older, I have learned just how important family is. I am amazed at my parent's ability to parent six children who are all wonderful, kind adults. I loved growing up in a big, messy family! My children are so very lucky to have them in their lives.


  1. Great Family pics! I love the last one. So cute and creative!

  2. Love the photos. Can't wait to see the photographer's picts too. I just realized by looking at your photo of me that when I smile, my eyebrows become uneven on my face...odd.

  3. happy birthday, stacey!!! hope you have a great day.

    the pictures look great! you look great!!! glad you had a good time with your family.

  4. Really cute. I remember all those faces from your pictures in the mission field. I can't believe you think you look heavy. You look fabulous!