Friday, August 7, 2009

Introducing the Market

Yesterday I was able to bring a friend to our local farmer's market for the first time. Since I am home alone right now, I did not buy very much for me, but I just love going and seeing all of the beautiful local produce.

So pretty. Confession: my tomato plants are gasping for life on the back deck. I think I have a black thumb. I can't grow basil either; it dies on me every year. Now mint on the other hand . . .

What do you use this for? Is it eaten raw in salads? Does it taste like a red radish, or is it mild?

I tried to ask what this was called, but the seller did not speak English. He did cut a piece off for me and told me to try it. Yikes! Whatever this is, it has a REALLY strong, bitter taste.

Aren't these gorgeous? They are pretty expensive, but so flavorful. When my kids are with me, this is what they beg for. Well, these and the kettle corn!

Aren't these funny? The longest beans I've ever seen. The seller said they were traditionally used in soup.

I ended up getting a bunch a basil to make fresh pesto which I can easily freeze. Jamie was hooked and I think she'll be back again!

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