Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Miss This

I received a phone call from one very sad, scared girl yesterday afternoon. Through her tears she told me about the splinter lodged in her foot and how she did not want Grandpa to get it out with a needle. It took 20 minutes of reassuring and promises of no blood and little pain and distracting stories, but eventually, the splinter was out and my brave girl got some gummy bears to help sooth her tears. Then she was off to the park with the dogs, a band aid stuck to the offending foot and shoes and socks to prevent further splinters. I miss her.

I miss this.

Max told me about what a great time he is having and the little boy next door who plays with him. That made my heart happy. Calvin finally got on the phone and cried "I want to come hoooome!" That made my already trampled heart so sad. He cried and told me how much he missed me and wanted me to hold him and I wanted to rush to his side. Instead, I blew kisses through the phone and told him that I was coming to be with him in one short week. This has been a long week for both of us.

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