Sunday, February 15, 2009

Views from my Dreary Window

It looks like this outside today. We've had a week long warmish spell and much of the snow has melted leaving ugly snow behind. After the worst Valentine's Day ever, I am home today nursing a nasty cold/flu thing. I actually went to sleep last night at 10:00 and got up this morning at 10:30 and did not feel much better. My nose is so chapped it hurts just to breath in.

I was supposed to host dinner group last night but one of the participants caught wind that I was sick and convinced me to move it to her house (thank you Kathy). I have a tendency to over do it - I never cancel. It's against my religion. I did send the cheesecake I had made so the group would have dessert. I even dyed it pink in honor of Valentine's Day.

It looked like this. I planned on only the center decoration of hearts, piping the whipped cream on each individual slice as I served it, but since I had to send it out the door, I just piped the whole cheesecake. It looks a bit busy does it not? Oh well.

Susan stopped by last night with KFC for the kids since she somehow figured out that they were going to be scrounging for their own dinners - I have very observant (and thoughtful) friends.
The kids have watched movies all day long today including Madagascar 2, twice. Here's to feeling better by tomorrow. I'll stop whining now and just go to bed!


  1. I'm sorry you feel so awful! Tristen must have the same thing - Esten stayed home with him today while I went to church and taught both our classes :) Get better soon! We won't send Tristen over Tuesday if you're both feeling the same.

  2. I don't even like Cheesecake. And that looks good! You did such a good job at decorating it. Looks so professional. Sorry you didn't feel good. That sucks.

  3. are amazing! I am in awe of your latest creations, the cheesecake and the hockey cake are incredible! Hope you are feeling better very soon!

  4. That cheesecake looks amazing! post the recipe!

  5. Hey Heidi! The recipe is an orange-chocolate cheesecake. I've made it several times before and the recipe is on epicurious. Just copy and paste this url: