Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Hole in the Middle

We needed a project on Friday since all of the kids were out of school and we were spending the day indoors. Baked donuts seemed like the obvious project to conquer on a cold Friday afternoon. I had never made donuts and have a hit-or-miss track record on yeasted breads, but I was up for the challenge!

After making the dough (two batches of yeast since the first did not cooperate) I let in rise in the sun coming in though the back window. Finding a warm spot for bread to rise in my house is always a problem.

When cut out they look like this:

and then like this - note that they are not in any way symmetrical.

Hot out of the oven - Nola conveniently stopped by right as the first batch was going in. Luckily she stayed to eat some as we made a lot of donuts.

Here' s the fun part. After the donuts have cooled for 1 minute, let the kids dunk them in melted butter, and then sugar a cinnamon mixture. Note that Max cannot pry his little eyes from his book - even for donuts!

Yum!! (Do you see Max there in the background - multi-tasking? A kid after my own heart)

Tristen was the funniest eater. He did not like the messy sugar, but he really wanted to eat that donut!

So, overall - delicious. I would add a bit more nutmeg to the dough. They are best eaten warm from the oven.


  1. Hey,
    2 thumbs up from me! Absolutely YUMMY! Now I'm trying to come up with a reason to make some.....ideas?

  2. Ohh, those look so good. Do they taste like Krispy Kreme? They look like they would.

  3. Oh I want some! I am up to my ears in moving boxes as we just got into our house last weekend, but I am hopeful for days like yours to come!