Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Hearts

A few more Valentine crafts and treats for the kids classes. This one is really simple, just paint your kids hands and help them make a heart shape out of their fingers. I used craft paint and a foam brush. The bathroom sink was quite pink that day.

Calvin made Valentine pencils with a heart lollipop tapes to the top and a jaunty red ribbon bow. He wrote his name on every tag though some were more legible than others!

For Max, little bags full of kisses.

For Sophie, I picked up a set of coasters in the dollar bin at Michaels . I then printed the tags for the front which Sophie glued on. On the back of each Valentine we taped either a Valentine pencil for the boys or two bracelets for the girls (also from the dollar bin).

Calvin's class exchanged their Valentine's today and Calvin was very, very pleased with his bag full of treats. He and Natalie ate quite a few this afternoon while I was up to my eyeballs in fondant. More on that tomorrow.

It is only 8:15pm here and I am seriously contemplating going to bed. I feel like I have allergies right now. What could I possible be allergic to in the middle of February in the frozen North?


  1. Your children's valentines are sooo cute! I bought a $2 box of generic valentines and told my kids to tape kit kats to it. They would LOVE it if I did this sort of stuff with them! You are great!

  2. Cute! It seriously looks like Halloween, not Valentine's Day in that one picture of Calvin with all the candy!