Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blue and Gold and Another Cake

Last Friday was a busy, busy day. I had four kids to feed and get off to school, four little ones to bundle into the car, two little ones to drop off at preschool and two little ones to accompany down to the church to decorate for the Blue and Gold. After chasing balloons all over the parking lot, cursing lack of set up (read: zero), much panic and sweat (17 tables are HEAVY), enlisting the entire arriving district meeting for help as well as sweet Tiffany who drove down with her little one, the gym looked like someone had thrown up red white and blue all over on a fifty dollar budget and my job was done. Back to preschool to pick up two little ones and home to make jello salad and cake and receive another little one for the afternoon.

Max had to bring a cake representing something patriotic or an American landmark. Sticking to his eccentric M.O., Max chose the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado River. No kidding.

So, in case you are wondering, or have a blue and gold banquet coming up and need a cake version of the Rocky Mountains, here is the play by play.

Bake a rich, heavy chocolate cake in this pointy bunt pan which I just happened to have.

Cut the peaks apart.

Adhere the peaks to your cardboard thingy with big globs of chocolate butter cream.

Roll out some grey fondant and carefully place over the top. Ooops, it ripped. No worries though, because now we need snow!

Cut out sections of white fondant and stick them to the peaks with a paintbrush and water. Enlist all other children in the house to eat the scraps of fondant.

Roll out blue fondant, cut out a river and voila! It's done.

There was some stiff competition, but in the end, Max's cake, the volcano that really lights up and the cool shark cake were declared the winners. Max was endlessly pleased and mom was beat.

These three polished off the last of the mountains the next afternoon.

Max received his wolf badge, gold arrow point, silver arrow point and his chess, astronomy, swimming, music, geography and basketball belt loops. When we got home, Max told me that it was a really, really good day, one he was going to remember when he needed a good day. What a great kid.

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  1. Wow! I am again amazed at your skills! Awesome job and I am exhausted just reading it!