Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Catch Up

Max was VIP but it's not called VIP - I think it is PIC though I can't remember what that stands for. Pretty Important Creature? Priceless Incredible Cretin? Who knows, but Max was really excited about it. This is the cool poster he slaved over (looking a bit worse for wear from walking home with it in the rain). Max does not get enough attention and soaks it up hungrily when he does. He is a great kid.

Sophie spent yesterday working on her Valentine mailbox for school. She really pulled out the crazy creative juices on this one!

This is the state she left my table in when she was done. Yep, it took me 1/2 hour this morning to get all of the glue off. There were pink feathers somehow glued to the bottom of the table.

I spent hours this week organizing books in Sophie's room and this is a pile of duplicate beginning chapter books we found (one of the hazards of yard sales). I am going to list them on craigslist unless someone I know wants them. 13 books total for $6.00 - less than $.50 a book!


  1. Has someone already asked to buy the books? I'll take em. How much for shipping? Ill send a check.

  2. Hey Shan - Nope, the books are all yours. I'll ship them tomorrow and you can just send the exact postage. Happy reading!