Monday, February 16, 2009

Preschool Art Show

On Thursday night (day one of the cold nasty flu thing for me), I took the kids over to Calvin's Preschool Art Show. He was super excited about the whole event and very anxious to show me the work he had done.

Basically, it is held at the community center and all of the kids in the city run preschool program come and make a craft, show their parents their artwork and then sing songs. I made a craft too.

I was very impressed with Calvin - he went right up in front of the audience and sang his songs and did his sign language and motions like a natural little performer! It helped that he was standing next to his best buddy, Luke.

Argh, this kid! I am in no way prepared for him to go off to school in the fall! I am already in mourning - this is my baby boy. This morning as I was getting dressed, he climbed into my bed and asked me for this many minutes (using his fingers to show me) of snuggles. How could I resist?

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  1. Calvin is adorable! It is very tough to send your baby off to school. :( This is the first year Sidney has been gone all day, it is February, and I am still in mourning!