Sunday, February 22, 2009

Football Cake

On Friday, I had another sports-themed cake order. This time it was a football field. I made the green and white fondant the night before and managed to find little football men and goalposts at Party City.

First I made my favorite heavy chocolate devils food cake in a 9 X13 pan. When it was completely cool, I split the cake and filled it with a thick layer of rich chocolate cream cheese icing. Then I covered the entire thing with butter cream.

After the butter cream was cold, I rolled out the green fondant and placed it over the cake.

I used a pizza cutter this time to trim the cake which was much easier EXCEPT, do not buy your pizza cutter at Walmart for less than $2.00 like I did. See the wing things under the blade (two photos down)? One of them jabbed into my fondant causing a tear. I curse that pizza cutter.

Between steps, the cake had to go outside to cool quickly. The boys were on bird/squirrel watcher duty. They banged on the window and opened the door and hollered at any critters who came near my cake. Very helpful - except when they were distracted by stealing pieces of leftover fondant from the counter.

I did the little balls of fondant along the edge again though I have since learned that there is a sugar paste gun thingy that can make these borders for you. Mine taste better than sugar paste and they have the advantage of looking like healthy little peas.

Here is the end product - it weighed about 20 pounds!

And here is the mess!


  1. Looks awesome. You really have a talent! Not that I am surprised. The cake and icing look yummy. But is Fondant really that good? I've always thought it just looks nice, but didn't taste that great.

  2. That is so clever! I'm impressed... again! :)

  3. Hey Kim - you are right, store bought fondant taste like crap. I make marshmallow fondant which is just marshmallows and powdered sugar - the kids seem to like it.