Saturday, February 9, 2008

Warm yourself with a hot waffle

The weather hates me and it is bitterly cold here again. I cannot remember ever having such a hard time getting through the winter than I have had this year. Maybe it is because this is the first winter that it has actually been really cold for really long stretches of time - kind of like a normal Northern winter should be without global warming. Whatever the reason, I have found it hard at times to shake the winter blues. I am longing for spring and sunshine and warmth.

To combat the freezing temperatures, we are still hunkering down indoors and baking warm foods. Today Sophie had a play date with a friend of hers. I suggested they bring her over here since there was no way I was A. Going outside or B. Getting out of my green Christmas flannel pajamas.

Bryan headed off to work and to run (outside - madness!), so the kids and I faced our boring day with our slippers on. This entire day I accomplished 1. making cookies with the girls, 2. about 7 loads of laundry and 3. a whole lot of laminating for church. That's it. Le sigh.

Here is a photo of some tasty waffles. I found the recipe on Epicurious, but I did not have prosciutto, though I bet they would be amazing with it added!


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  2. I always make these waffles when I have leftover buttermilk. Just be sure you cut back on the butter or you might have a coronary. Mmmm...