Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day

Ahh, Valentine's Day (aka Single's Awareness Day). I had many a sad Valentine's Day in my youth - in fact it always seemed like I managed to break up with my boyfriends at really inconvenient times like before holidays that required gifts.

The kids took Valentines to class and I decorated some Target mailboxes and filled them with candy for their teachers.

Here is a photo of the Valentine's Day cards I made for all of you . . . and then never mailed. Yes, I have a few of them addressed and ready to go so do not be surprised if one comes your way sometime before Easter - but don't expect it either as I am not getting a lot done right now.

Here are the flowers Bryan brought home for me before our date (our official Valentine's Day celebration). He had to work late on the 14th.

Here is my gift to Bryan. I made him a shadow box of items from his first marathon. He is still running and preparing for an even longer trail race in April. How he can go out and run in this weather is beyond me!
This is a cute idea that a friend of Sophie's sent to her. Lauren moved to Texas last year and Sophie has been very worried about her because there are tornadoes in Texas. The heart is made of card stock and plastic sheeting and then laced on with ribbon. So cute!

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Is that your sister, Koo, with Bryan in the marathon pictures in the shadowbox? (which is so adorable - you truly are one talented lady!!)

    I'm totally impressed with anyone that can run in anything, anywhere - 'cuz it's sooooo hard!

    Love, aunt barb

  2. Yes, Koo ran her first marathon on the same day! I am so not a runner.