Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Movie Reviews

It's been a while and Bryan and I have manged to watch a few movies from our Netflicks queue. By the way, our queue is over 300 movies long. We will never, ever get to the end of it.

Really cute movie about a pregnant waitress in the South, stuck in an emotionally abusive marriage and dead-end job. I loved Kerri Russel in this movie - she is adorable! I did have to suspend my disbelief as she made pies - it seemed like she kept making a ganache and pouring it into a pie crust. If you do not bake, this will not bother you in the slightest.

At the end of the movie is a memorial for the writer/director shown below on the far left. She played one of the leading roles in the film and was murdered before the movie came out. Such a sad story - she was married and the mother of a two-year old little girl who plays Kerri Russel's child in the film. Kerri was also pregnant during the filming.

Bryan and I both LOVED this little film!
A modern day musical set on the streets of Dublin. Featuring Glen Hansard from the Irish band "The Frames," the film tells the story of a street musician and a Czech immigrant during an eventful week as they write, rehearse and record songs that reveal their unique love story.

The actors in the film have never acted before and they wrote all of the music for the film. One of the songs just won the academy award for best song. The music is really beautiful and the story is wonderful - well written and so very real. Go over to the website for the movie and listen to "Falling Slowly" - my favorite song from the film.

One word of caution if you do not care for swearing (which I do not). In the first scene, Glen's guitar case is stolen and he chases after the guy in the street and they drop about 50 f*bombs!! The scene lasts about 5 minutes and the rest of the film is very clean except for a few more language spots. Excellent film.


  1. My sister in law Elsa saw this right before visiting us for Isaac's graduation last May & kept telling us how good it is. I've been wanting to see it & keep trying to convince Isaac that he does too.

  2. i just put "once" on the top of my netflix. saw waitress in the theatre and i liked it too. (SPOILER) the only thing that bothered me was that they made the doctor married too. i had to laugh when at the end, kerri russell says something like "let's end this before someone gets hurt." yes, i was oblivious to the whole ganache thing.

  3. I know, I kind of wanted him to be single so they could have the cliche happy ending. But I am glad that she chose not to stay with him because of that.