Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Brithday Max!

Max turned 8 years old on Sunday and we celebrated with some friends by having cake and ice cream together. Max shares his birthday with his Grandma Ramsay (Bryan's mom's mom) who just turned 90!

Max's favorite gifts were The Chronicles of Narnia Collection of books, a new Webkinz (though I think that phase may be slowing down), some other books and a new sweat suit from his Grandparents.

I was trying to think of how to describe Max at this age. He loves reading - especially Harry Potter, Animorphs, Deltora Quest - really almost anything. He is smart, very smart. He loves to laugh and torment his little sister and brother. He tries to stay up late every night reading. He loves games and soccer. He has a lot of energy, but can also spend an entire day in his room, quietly. He likes to figure things out on his own. He is impatient. He is very handsome. He is quite the ladies man. Last week at Destination Imagination, he was reading some facts about the planet Venus and said "Venus is the goddess of love and beauty" while getting this goofy grin on his face and leaning over to put his arm around his friend Rylee. Scary.

Max chose spaghetti and meatballs for his dinner (I talked him out of peanut butter and banana sandwiches, couscous and chicken soup). He was very specific that the spaghetti was to have NO vegetables in it - just red sauce.

I hate cleaning up kids after they have eaten spaghetti.

Max originally wanted a butterscotch cake but I could not find a recipe for one. Instead, I made a cake from Epicurious that I would never make again. The layers were very thin and concave and the lemon curd never set up enough. It tasted great, but when we cut into the cake, all of the lemon curd from the layers oozed out onto the cake stand. Koo called it "cake over easy" and Bryan "my cake runneth over".

These are the little gift bags I made for Max's class. He is planning on having a few friends go to the movies in a couple of weeks for his birthday party so I'll take more photos then.

The laughter when I turn the cake is because I am trying to hide the side where the cake is oozing!


  1. Dear Aunt Stacey,

    Max's cake look's like a volcano erupting! what movie are you going to see? Happy birthday max! My birthday is in two days!!! I don't know what I want for dinner. I will be turning 9 year's old!!


  2. Hey Gregory! We are going to see The Spiderwick Chronicles! Have a very happy birthday (your card may be a little late) but we are thinking of you!!!

  3. Remember that we were in the hospital at the same time when Max and Noah were born? Doesn't that made them like, blood brothers or something?

  4. Happy Birthday Max! Spaghetti is a good choice and the cake looks delicious! Lemon is always a good choice. We wish we could see Spiderwick Chronicles with you, we're eager to see it.
    We spent part of the afternoon with Grandma Ramsay celebrating her birthday with her. She was so excited about it, it was really sweet! And she ended having a great time, she got tons of cards & phone calls. I have a picture on my blog if you'd like to see.

  5. sorry, it's taken me a while to comment. but a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAX!!! it's great to be 8! the dinner looked very yummy and i hope you enjoy(ed) the movie. we saw a great display on the book and the making of that movie at the eric carle museum. it looks like a good movie.

    stace - it was fun to hear you sing on the video, especially the harmonizing. i like the sliding cake. sometimes those make for more memorable moments.

  6. Stacey, you need to delete the comment from Fox. It's a virus!!

  7. Its actually not a virus, it's like junk mail on your blog. By having the filter where the people who comment have to type in the letters like I have on mine, prevents that from happening. Isaac could explain it much better, but that much I know.

  8. It was still very, very yummy. Anything you make with lemon has to be yummy :) Happy birthday Max!