Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sundays around here

Our church moved to the 9:00 hour this year. As much as I am thrilled to see 1:00 church behind me, it is a task of momentous proportions to get our family to church on time each Sunday. I sound like we have managed to accomplish this task. We have not. Not even once. The church is a good 20 minutes away and I have Max and Bryan who are so not morning people.

Here are the kids last Sunday. Sophie looks so prim and proper here. Do not be deceived. By the time we returned from church she had a hole in her tights and had beaten her brother up in the car on the way home.

Here is handsome Max. What is that book in his hand? Are those the scriptures he is so dutifully reading while he waits to leave?Uh, no. That would be Harry Potter. He's reading them again.

Here is my baby. Sniff. Where did the baby go?! This little cutie is a sunbeam this year.

Bryan and I would be hosed if either of us were ever called to something where we had to be to church on time - like chorister or pianist. We did well last year only because choir was before church. We were never on time for choir, but we were on time for church by default.


  1. Those are three total cuties!

  2. we just switched back to 9 am church too and this post made me feel so good as today i was especially late for church (even missed the sacrament despite the fact it was ward conference and you know they must have read a bazillion sustainings.) usually i'm the normal 5-10 minutes late, but i slept in today since i didn't feel like getting up when pat left for meetings @ 6:20 am and didn't set my alarm. oops!

  3. They look so adorable all prim and proper!