Monday, January 21, 2008


I've never been tagged - or at least I have never noticed that I have been tagged. But, Kelly tagged me from her blog so here goes: 7 interesting things about me.

1. I do not like mushy fruit. Most people know this. I cannot eat apple pie, blueberry pie, apple crisp, yogurt with fruit in it or the grapes in fruit cocktail. I do not even like frozen berries as they get too mushy as they melt. It's a texture thing. Raisins are fine in cookies but not raisin pie.

2. I have never been to California or Florida. I really do not know why, as I love to travel and would love to take my kids to Disney someday. I guess I've just never had anyone to visit in either state.

3. I collect cake stands and globes. Mind you, both of these items are really inconvenient to collect as they take up a lot of room. I keep the cake stands above the cupboards in the kitchen and the globes are all over the house. I am trying to limit myself to small versions of globes and white and creme cake stands in order to keep the collections under control and usable. Yes, I do use the cake stands all of the time. I love to bake, but that's not really interesting.

4. I love to read cookbooks. I have an entire bookcase of cookbooks in the kitchen and more above the stove. When I sit down for breakfast or lunch, I reach over and grab a cookbook to read while I eat. Some of my current favorite reads are an old favorite of my mother's, Hollyhocks and Radishes a wonderful book calledPure Chocolate which my aunt Sherrie gave to me, Bread for Breakfast, and The Great Book of Chocolate.

5. I love chocolate in all of it's forms. I do have favorites thought. I am not partial to chocolate and peanut butter together, but I LOVE chocolate and orange together. I appreciate and love really good dark chocolate, but when I want to splurge, I need milk chocolate simply because I can eat more of it! My favorite chocolates are from Leonidas, I cannot eat a Nestle crunch bar (tastes like Crisco) yet I can eat and entire bag of Hershey's kisses in one sitting. I try to avoid the candy aisle during Easter as I cannot resist the Cadbury mini eggs or the Russel Stovers chocolate coconut nest with the little jelly beans in them. I eat myself sick over November and December and then get really annoyed when I get chocolate for Christmas because I have set Christmas as my deadline for stopping the downward spiral into fatness and now I have more chocolate that I simply must eat. Chocolate as a Christmas gift is never a good idea.

6. I was on the first student exchange program with communist Russia. I was selected to go with a group called Project Harmony when I was a junior in high school. I spent two and a half weeks in Leningrad and then the girl I stayed with, Nadia, came and stayed with me in Vermont for a few weeks. It was an amazing experience!

7. My first role in community theater was in the show Peter Pan. I was cast as a tree. I was in middle school and it was a really big deal to be cast in this show. It was simply the best experience ever! I was so happy to be doing musical theater! I had a big crush on one of the lost boys.

***I believe at this point I am supposed to tag people so: Tiffany, Emily C., Kim A. and Heather P., you have been tagged!***

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