Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Christmas Story

I am cleaning the office today and found this great story Max wrote in December. All punctuation and spelling errors are his.

Mrs. Claus was sitting in the kitchen, singing a cookie-cutter carole, when her friend, sharing Shannon burst in. Help me, he moaned. I have frostbite on my toes. Mrs. Claus got a mischievous smile on her face. This will hurt a LOT. But, I think I can handle it. She went over to the stove, and turned it to 100 degrees. Come over here, she said. Uh, kay, said sharing Shannon. He came over, and Mrs. Claus picked him up and stuffed him in the oven. 10 seconds later, she took him out. At that very moment, Santa Claus burst in. (He had fallen into a pit, but he got out) Well, said Mrs. Claus (who had heard the news about her husband) it looks like all of our problems are over at last. The End.


  1. Any pictures from Sophie's birthday party? Always so much fun to see what your children are up to!

  2. that is such a great idea for a party! and those pics are priceless, aren't you going to have a blast scrapbooking them???