Friday, January 11, 2008

Book Reviews

I have decided to start doing small reviews for the books I have been reading - mostly for myself as I have serious memory issues and a couple of years from now I may not remember I read any of these! There are links to the books on the side bar if you want to know authors etc.

Persuasion - My favorite Jane Austin apart from Pride and Prejudice. I just watched the movie last week and then felt the need to read the book again. LOVE this book! Anne is the gentlest heroine in any of the Austin novels.

The Memory Keepers Daughter - I actually read this a while ago, but it was chosen as our book club book for last month. It was a good read and kept me interested and it made for a GREAT discussion book as we all had such varied opinions about the characters and the choices they made.

The Photograph - never finished. snore.

Twilight - I started this last night at about 11:00 and I just finished it. It is not going to win a Pulitzer, but I have to admit I was completely sucked in and loved every minute of it! Romance, danger, mystery and yet CLEAN - what's not to like?! Susan is bringing the sequel over tomorrow so I'll post a review of it by Sunday!

The Goose Girl - This is our book club choice for this month. It is a juvenile fiction book and my favorite by the author. It is another that swept me into this world and kept me interested until the very end. It has everything a juvenile fiction book should have and again, it is CLEAN which I so very much appreciate. I am planning on reading the sequel this month before book club.

Geek Love - I thought this would be quirky and interesting after reading reviews of it. Instead it is disturbing, sluggish and really quite vile. I never finished it and refused to let my sister read it. It's going in the trash.

More to come!


  1. I'm so glad you're doing a book review! I read 3 of your books last summer - Blue Diary, The Romance Reader, & Bread Alone. I loved the Romance Reader, it went really quickly. I love book recommendations!

  2. i'm thrilled to have your book reviews. i really liked the goose girl and princess academy (they are similar though, and i think whichever you read first is your fave). i like the twilight trilogy, but had to plough through 2/3 of the second book, but it had me sucked in from the last 1/3 right through the third book. i agree you need some light reading in between and the juvenile fiction (especially newberry medals) really fill that need nicely. i love when they are clean, too.

  3. p.s. i've never read persuasion; i think i'll be picking that up soon. right now, i'm reading persopolis - it's very interesting.