Monday, January 21, 2008

Austin Update

Another Sunday, another Austin adaptation on Masterpiece Theater! What did everyone think of Northagner Abby? I admit that I did not have the book finished before I watched the movie and I had never read the book before, so I did not have many expectations. Bryan and I both enjoyed the film - the girl who plays Catherine is darling and just perfect for the role - so young!

I finished the book today and the movie sticks pretty close to the book. The movie was only 90 minutes long and should have been longer. It is not my favorite all-time Austin novel, but I quite enjoyed watching her warnings on "reading quite so many novels".


  1. OK, Stacey. I checked out Bryan's web page. I want you to know that if you ever need to talk - I'm here for you. We could figure out some kind of code phrase that when I hear you say it I'll call the police or something.

  2. I'm confused.... is there something scary about Bryans web page?? Am I going to the wrong one?

  3. Loved this movie. Isaac & I both thought it was very sweet & well done. Catherine was adorable. And I thought there was a bit of everything-mystery, romance, scandal, etc. I can't wait to read the book sometime.