Saturday, April 16, 2011

Views From My Window - Today

Things you should know:

  • Max is currently on a camp out with the Boy Scouts.
  • I bet they are cold this morning.
  • I should bake some cookies for his Boy Scout leaders.
  • I did manage to find some hand warmers and tucked them into his backpack.
  • I also sent a huge bag of giant colored bunny marshmallows for them to toast over the fire - but that has nothing to do with the snow.
  • Sophie and Calvin both have a track meet today.
  • I am supposed to be cheering them on from the bleachers from 9-3.
  • I threw away all of the sleds two weeks ago.
  • I refuse to shovel this crap.
  • Waking up to several inches of snow in mid April makes me look forward to Oregon weather.

1 comment:

  1. My birthday was yesterday and the last year I lived there in MN it snowed on my birthday and I cried! I will never live there again. Be glad you are moving to beautiful Oregon!