Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Nest Craft

A simple little Easter craft using things you already have in your home. Start by mixing up some pastel colors of paint. We used blue and green. I gave each child a piece of wood (leftover from a boy scout birdhouse project). Make sure the kids paint the edges.

While the paint dried, I took the kids outside, gave them each a bucket and had them gather small sticks from the yard. Snap the sticks to fit and glue them to the bottom of each board to form a nest. Regular glue works fine - just use a lot and allow for drying time.

Use a glue gun to adhere plastic easter eggs to your nest. I wielded the glue gun and the kids stuck them down.

Messy. Every single time.

The end.


  1. Nice craft once again. They turned out really pretty. I might try this one with the odd plastic eggs with no matching half I find myself with each year. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Very cute! Those daycare kids are sure going to miss you.