Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sophie Style

Dress - Gap, Shoes - hand me downs from girlfriend, tights - Walmart, Sweater - Target, belt - borrowed from brother, flower pin - I made it. Headband - Clair's

Shirt and skirt set - Marshalls - I think the socks are from Target as are the shoes and sweater. Headband - Walmart

I think this clip is from Walmart. Love it.

Skirt - yard sale, sweater set - American Girl doll store (part of Sophie's Halloween outfit/back to school clothes from Grandma). Necklace - Charlotte Russe. Boots - Marshalls

Sweater and skirt - Target, tights - yard sale. Boots - Marshalls. Shirt - Gap

Dress - Hanna Andersen (winter sale $20), shoes - Walmart, tights - yard sale. Clip - I made it.

Gap coat (thank you Gma E!)

Every once in a while, Sophie actually wears pants! Jeans, clip and belt - yard sales (someone had taken these in on the waistband so she has been wearing them for several years. I finally picked out the threads and now they are too loose in the waist again) Shirt - old navy. Boots - Marshalls

Sweater - Old Navy. Skirt and tights - yard sale, shoes - Target. Headband - Walmart (I added the yellow duck clip)

Edit: Does anyone know why I cannot comment on my own blog? It is DRIVING ME CRAZY! @Val - yes, I pick out her outfits and she is still at that lovely age where she thinks that's OK.


  1. I love it! Do you pick out her outfits or does she put these together on her own?

  2. Quite the fashion plate! Very cute.

    xoxoxoxo aunt Barb