Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bunnies and Such

So, my camera had a meltdown on Easter and only recorded about a dozen of the two hundred or so photos I took throughout the day. Sigh.

The photo above is what the children wore to church on Easter Sunday. Please note that Maxwell is getting reeeeeeally tall. Scary. Sophie was wearing her new Target church sandals as it was actually warm (60's) on Easter Sunday and on Monday too. That nice weather did not last long (snow tonight). The sandals have a wedge heel and she teetered around all day on them. She has not mastered the art of walking in a heel. Speaking of heels, I always wear heels to church, but on Easter I wore flats for the first time in years. I felt very, very short.

As per tradition, the kids received gifts in their Easter basket - a Scooby Doo DVD for Calvin, books for Max and Tangled DVD for Sophie. The night before Calvin came tearing downstairs and told me he needed to write a note to the Easter Bunny. He proceeded to write him a letter detailing his desire to receive books 1-8 in the Pokemon graphic novel series. I think he was confusing the Easter Bunny with Santa (the Easter Bunny was unable to fulfill his request). He also set out a plate of carrots.

Are you wondering how I did on giving up sugar for Lent? I lasted about two weeks. Sigh.

After church, I made sweet potato rolls, orange rolls, lemon bars and a strawberry trifle to take to dinner. We also managed to have a quick egg hunt for the kids.

Per tradition, we had Easter dinner at the Manzella's house. We love that family. Thomas made incredible prime rib for dinner and Lori made the best cream corn, gratin potatoes, jello eggs, shrimp and cocktail sauce . . . it was delicious and frankly I wanted to go right to bed after dinner.

The best part of the day (at least for the kids) was the Manzella's cash only egg hunt for kids and adults. This year the golden egg (with $100 inside) was hidden inside a piece of sporting equipment in the garage. The eggs are really, really hard to find and the kids have a blast searching for them. This is a tradition we may have to adopt.

There you have it - Easter was lovely.

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  1. I'm glad you had a lovely Easter!

    (Aren't boys growing tall alarming and amazing?)