Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

This is spring break week for the kids
It's a busy little week
On Saturday Max had strep
He is on penicillin and is feeling much better
I'm so glad he can swallow pills these days
On Saturday I took Sophie and her doll Kirstin to lunch at the American Girl Doll store
Calvin came too and Sophie's friend and her Mom
It was actually quite fun and rather adorable
There were approximately 500,000,000 people at the mall
That was not in any way fun
Calvin wanted to spend several hours in the Lego store
It about killed me
On Sunday we stayed home (because of Max and his infectiousness) and did nothing
Books, games, naps
It was delightful
Did I tell you I gave up sugar for Lent?
Yes, I am still Mormon
It was my sister's idea
I made it 10 days (10 days!!!) before eating a brownie from my Visiting Teacher
I blame my lapse on that "time of the month" and general PMSing
Do not get between me and chocolate when I have cramps
I am back on the sugar fast until Easter
On Easter Sunday I am planning to eat an entire bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs
I took the kids hiking today
It was supposed to be 50 degrees
It was 38
It is supposed to rain all day tomorrow and snow on Wednesday
Why do we live here again?
The kid's Dad is supposed to be flying in on Thursday to spend the weekend with the kids
They have not seen him since last summer
Needless to say they are incredibly excited and have been talking about nothing else for weeks
I hope and pray it all works out and they have a lovely, lovely time together
The divorce is now finalized

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