Monday, March 28, 2011

Roller Madness

I found some poor quality shots of Max's birthday party (which was back in February . . . don't judge). Looking back I remember a couple of things:

  • I would like to stop having birthday parties altogether.
  • When did you stop giving birthday parties - what age?
  • The roller rink was LOUD.
  • There were several blatant fire code violations at that establishment.
  • A thousand other people felt the need to skate that day.
  • My kids do not know how to roller skate.
  • Neither do I.
  • Max chose chocolate dipped shortbread heart cookies instead of a cake.
  • He had a GREAT time and received lots of Star Wars Lego's (his favorite thing right now).
  • Bringing a book for me to read was overly ambitious.
  • Three hours (four?) was a bit too long - for me.
  • I am glad his party was NOT at my house.

1 comment:

  1. What age did I stop doing birthday parties?? NEVER STARTED!!! Some may think my kids are deprived, but Jordan and I have never been into 'traditional' bday parties. My kids get a small family party every year. They have never had big to-do's with friends invited. It's all about us celebrating our kid and that's it. It's cheaper, easier and we never have to decide when to stop! :)