Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Party for Calvin

Calvin talked about his birthday party for six months straight. He was going to go to Chuck E. Cheese, Wise Swim School and The Blast as well as Pump it Up and Grand Slam. He also wanted to go to Luke's house, Johnny's house and Ryan's house because they all have cooler video games than we do. In the end, I had to explain that he could choose one place to go for his birthday - he chose Grand Slam.

Yes, his birthday was at the end of August. I've been busy. On the day of his birthday, we had three soccer games, made a trip to Sam's Club for groceries and a birthday cake for the party and another trip to Target in the middle of Max's game when I realized I had not thrown shoes in the car for Calvin to change into and I needed to pick up another cake for a child with allergies. It was crazy.


The party was a ton of fun and little work for me (hooray!). The kids played mini-golf, played in the ball pit playground, took a turn in the batting cages, went on the bumper cars a dozen times, played arcade games and ate pizza and cake. My job was to not lose any of the 10 children (the place was busy).

I don't like to think of my little man being six years old. It makes me a little sad that he is growing up so quickly. I love this age - of course I have loved all of Calvin's ages. He is the youngest and is supposed to stay young.

This guy lost his tooth while eating pizza. A big thank you to Josh who came to the party and helped each of the 10 kids in the batting cages!

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