Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of School

Our first day of school was windy and cold. All of the kids walk to school so we bundled up, pulled on the rain boots and set out for a new school year.

Max and Sophie are excited for the new year. Max's teacher also runs Destination Imagination and Math Olympians, so Max knows her really well. Sophie's teacher seems nice and half of Sophie's soccer team are in her class so she has good group of friends.

Little Calvin had orientation the first day of school. I attended with two other daycare children in tow.

Which child pictured below has not slept for two days and has a double ear infection?!

This little girl comes to my daycare and is in Calvin's class. They sit a the same table and share snack.

Speaking of snack, Calvin is supposed to bring a non-peanut snack each day to school. Why he needs a snack when he eats breakfast at 8:30 and comes home at noon is beyond me, but whatever. You tell a kid there is snack time and suddenly it becomes very important. So, I put a handful of granola bars in Calvin's backpack to get him through the week. After the first full day of school, his teacher came up to me and told me Calvin was taking too long eating his snack. Evidently he decided that because I put three granola bars in his backpack, he needed to eat all three that first day! He was still finishing the last one when I picked him up at noon!

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  1. Calvin is growing up way too fast, what a cutie! I hope he is feeling better.