Friday, September 3, 2010

A Day At The Fair

I can handle going to the fair about once every three years. The crowds, the noise, the crowds, the expense, the crowds, the scary rides, the crowds . . . it's not really my favorite place on earth. Plus, usually if I am at the fair, I am pushing a stroller and trying not to lose any children in the aforementioned crowds. However, this year, my mother was in town and my children needed a big distraction that day so on Monday, we took 7 kids to the fair.

It turned out to be 95 degrees on Monday. We borrowed an extra car from Deb (thank you!) and parked at a church, taking the free bus to the fair grounds. We saw all of the animals, watched some talented dog herders, watched some piglets being born, make free buttons and did the fine arts scavenger hunt, rode on two rides each, ate cotton candy, frozen lemonade, fried dough, snow-cones and endless cups of chocolate milk, watched sheep being groomed, played a game of chance (Calvin won a huge stuffed banana!) and generally walked around a lot. We left the fair exhausted and filthy, but the kids had a great time. See you in three years!


  1. I like your shot of the swing. Very nice.

  2. The pics are fantastic! looks like a good time was had by all! :) Have a great weekend!