Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Little Family

Before I start the photo heavy vacation posts, I thought I'd share these shots of the kids the week before they left. I have been talking to them every night on the phone and it sounds like they are having a great time along with their two sidekick cousins Phoebe and Jacob. My cousin Cassie and her three boys stopped by one day for a couple of hours to play, they have been walking Poppy the dog several times a day (I bet she is sleeping well), they play at the park behind the house, walk to Reed's Dairy for ice cream, go to the local Idaho/Canine Museum (that's what Max called it), eating Mom's great food and today they are going fishing. Thank you Mom and Dad.


  1. What great pics of you and Sophie!

    Em Mc.

  2. You look so cute with bangs! Do you like them or do they get in your eyes too much? I thought it was hard to keep up with bangs the little while that I had them.
    I bet you are missing your kids so much. But it sounds like they are being kept way too busy to be homesick. That sounds like so much fun galavanting all over the west with your family!