Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Final Day in Portland

On my last day in Oregon, we drove South to hike the Silver Falls Loop. We wore our bathing suits for dips in the waterfalls and took the route that brought us past as many waterfalls as possible in 5.5 miles. It was gorgeous - of course. Oregon is just a beautiful place and somewhere I could easily see myself raising my children. We'll have to see what the upcoming year holds for our little family, but I will definitely be returning and suggest you visit as well!

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  1. Ok, I know I posted something on FB, but how exciting! This is one of my all time favorite places. I don't know how many Memorial Days I have spent here. As a youth, my friends and I had weird senses of humor and created a dummy and filmed it going off South Falls (the big major waterfall). Anyway, I'm just happy that you have had the chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful places ever. If we were home right now (we're in DC visiting family), I would have loved to have seen you...maybe next time you visit Portland, if it's a possibility.