Friday, August 27, 2010

My Eyes Were Bigger Than my Biceps

Last week we met for playgroup at Jensen Lake. After playing at the park for an hour, I decided we should walk around the lake. The path is one I've enjoyed running lately and it is approximately 2.4 miles. We had three 9 year old boys, one three year old boy, a 14 month baby boy and a 11 month baby girl - and one stroller.

It is a beautiful walk and we started out well . . . except fat baby boy has really short legs and was taking forever.

It became clear very quickly that I was going to have to carry him - all 26 pounds of sweaty baby. We walked fast.

This baby thought the walk was great fun . . . and then she fell asleep.

We stopped for water breaks and time to try to skip rocks in the lake.

My arms started to burn. It was humid and I was drenched in sweat.

We marveled at how overgrown and green the plants have become.

We lamented the changing leaves - a sign that summer is ending.

Though the older boys swore they were going to die every 10 minutes, it was a beautiful walk and good exercise.

Fat baby boy took a really good nap.

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  1. Your camera is awesome! I can't believe how clear those photos of the flowers are!!!