Monday, August 16, 2010

3rd Day in Portland

Matt stayed over night and joined us for a few adventures the next day before having to drive home for work. We decided to spend the morning exploring the gorge. All of the mornings in Oregon started out misty and overcast until the sun came out to clear up the view. Because of this, on our first couple of stops, we could not see the vistas across the valley.

The photo above is another Twilight reference - the Inn featured in the prom scene. Evidently is it a very popular place to visit these days and it really does have an amazing location. From what I could see of the Inn, the owners need to take advantage of all of this free press and sink some money into replacing the roof! There was a wedding being cleaned up from the day before when we arrived.

We stopped at many different waterfalls during the day. Some short hikes, some longer and several visible from the road.

Our longest hike of the day was up Beacon Rock. The entire trail consists of switchbacks up the face of this enormous rock. By this time, the fog had cleared and the views from the trail and from the top were beautiful! We soothed our sore legs with greasy burgers, soft serve and onion rings on the way back to Portland and then said good-bye to Matt.

I had not seen Matt for several years so it was very nice to be able to catch up and visit for a couple of days. Every time I see my family, I wish we lived closer - I miss them.

Much later in the evening, Koo and I walked down to the little main street of her town for some Thai food. Pumpkin curry is a new favorite - yum!


  1. Wow, you were right. That IS amazing scenery!

  2. Seeing these posts from your trip is making us even more excited to move back to the nw! What a great trip you had I'm so glad you got to take it!