Monday, July 5, 2010

On the River

On Friday, I took the kids down to Minnehaha Falls for a few hours of playing in the river. The walk down to the river is still under construction as the city tries to reverse the effects of erosion on the banks above the walking path, but it is a short hike to the swimming hole. We packed a lunch and swimming suits and enjoyed a beautiful morning on the river.

The scenery just kept getting better and better . . . why hello there random guy's abs . . .


  1. Hahah! It looks like you wondered onto The Warewolves' land! (seen Eclipse yet?) I saw it last night with some friends and can't get the shirtless warewolves out of my head. I can't believe it was some Mormon girl that wrote those books! Holy Smokes! And Good for her!

  2. Thank you for "Random Guys Abs"!!