Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Max Spring Soccer 2010 and Life

Why hello there. I did not fall off the face of the earth - just had a really, really busy week. We are finally, finally moving forward with the divorce and last Wednesday I had a three and a half hour mediation session. On that same day I had my surprise re-licensing visit from the state and the car died and had to be jumped by one of the daycare dads. It was not my best day.

Summer is half over and I want to make it stop - I feel like it has rushed by me in a blur of too many children and a mountain of laundry. My own children leave in a week and a half for an extended vacation with my family. They are flying into Denver (alone!) where my parents will meet them. From there they will camp in Colorado, visit my brother and his family in Southern Utah, play with their cousins and some pet chickens, drive up to Salt Lake to see my sister and meet their new little cousin Oliver, drive to Idaho Falls to see Great Grandma and Great Aunt Ann and her family, go fishing with Grandpa, meet up with my brother Scott who is coming down from Montana to take them camping in Yellowstone and many other fun adventures.

It should be a great trip for them though I know I am going to feel really, really lonely while they are gone. On the other hand, I may actually clean out the garage and the basement and read a book or two. Calvin started packing on Sunday and already has two bags by the front door. He is really excited!

All of the above has nothing to do with these photos.

Max loved soccer again this spring. He is still the most comfortable on defense and could use some practice in offense. His team this season was supportive and fun and also really unsuccessful - I'm not sure if they every actually won a game, but they had a great coach and enjoyed the season!

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