Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Como Zoo Field Trip

Field Trips four out of five days last week. If you have not made it up to the Como Zoo to visit their butterfly gardens, put it on your to-do list. It is larger and has more variety than the one at the Minnesota Zoo. We did not visit Como town on this trip - too many people at the zoo!


  1. These are beautiful, stunning pictures of what looks to be a very fun time!

    Hope your family is doing well. You are obviously having a wonderful summer:-).

  2. So pretty! It looks so warm too! Did anyone freak out? Each time I've taken the boyos to the zoo and we go in the butterfly enclosure they hate it - almost to the point of running out. Something about the touch of the butterflies being too "goosebumpy" apparently.

    BTW - are you going to make any more of those "keep calm" necklaces? I want to buy some!

  3. Hey Selwyn! The kids actually love the butterflies - I get a little freaked out if they land on me though. I have a bunch of the Keep Calm necklaces it just seems like the whole crafting thing has been put on hold while I try to keep my head above water being a single mom. Shoot me an email with your address and what colors you are looking for and I will send some your way!

  4. I am bloghopping from Cjane's "We're On Our Way Over" post and I wanted to say: these photos are beautiful!