Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend Part 1 (of many)

Easter weekend was really, really lovely. Our family was invited to celebrate the weekend with many of our good friends and we enjoyed every minute!

The kids spent some time with their Dad on Friday night while I ran errands and hit the grocery store for the first of many visits over the weekend. They spent time at the park and played with new Easter gifts.

On Saturday morning, Calvin attended a birthday party while Max and Sophie listened to General Conference with me in the craft room. How great was the talk about Mothers and daughters? We did some organizing downstairs while we listened including packing up all of the baby boy clothes from the storage room. A few tears were shed while I pulled out all of the tiny outfits my now enormous sons wore when they were babies. I miss my babies sometimes. I could not decide if I should keep any of the outfits as mementos and in the end, just kept the little silk blessing gown they shared.

The clothes are headed across the country to my sister Heather who is having a baby boy on Thursday. There is a huge influx of baby boys in our family right now as my sister in law Rachael just had a baby boy a month ago (a month! how did that happen?) and her sister Molly is having another baby boy very soon! Boys are awesome!

At 1:00, we headed over to our friend's neighborhood for their outdoor egg hunt. It was colder than it has been, but I am just grateful we have sunshine and no snow!


  1. Thank you for directing my attention to a GREAT talk which I missed Saturday morning at General Conference. I found it online this afternoon and read it; an empowering message for a tough and, at times, a confusing roll. Looks like Easter weekend was full and lots of fun for your household. FYI: I'm enjoying your blog immensely and think about you guys often.

  2. I agree! I think boys are awesome too, which is why I am so excited to be having another one. However, since I am only allowed one more after this I suppose I will have to cross my fingers for a girl, huh??