Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend (Recipes)

On Easter Sunday I tried three new recipes and all three of them were delicious!

I made two kinds of rolls (click on the names to be taken to the recipes) - Pillow Soft Dinner Rolls and Pull-Apart Orange Rolls. The Orange rolls are a new favorite. I love how the dough is folded over and over and then cut and stuffed into muffin tins. They were so tasty warm and even better the next morning for breakfast. I made them again yesterday and they are definitely a keeper. I have a ton left over, so if you stop by tomorrow, ask for some orange rolls to try.

For dessert, I knew I wanted to make something with strawberries as they are gorgeous this time of year. I decided on a trifle with layers of pound cake, vanilla pastry cream, cut strawberries and whipped cream. I did not add any sugar to the strawberries and the pound cake made a great layer because it did not get soggy at all. This is a beautiful summer dessert and can be made a day ahead.


  1. I absolutely love trifles, next time invite me over.

  2. That trifle is just gorgeous. I envy the trifle dishes that you and your mom have. I will have to invest in one one of these days.

  3. Mmmm, yummy!! The trifle is just gorgeous. I've got to go look up the orange roll recipe... my mom is an orange flavor nut! :) And I kinda like it too. Thanks for sharing.